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To help chiropractors meet their practice goals and individuals and companies meet their weight loss and health goals.

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21 days to a new, slimmer, healthier you!


  • 21 day plan
  • See results in the first week
  • Measure and track progress
  • Remove toxins and flush fat
  • Remove toxins and balance pH
  • Plan for maintenance


Our population is overweight, in part, due to the many chemicals in our air, food, and water that the body stores in fat cells. While diet and exercise are important, they are not usually successful for long term weight loss because they do not address chemical toxicity in the body.

Dr. Cherniawski offers a 21 day plan to help you lose weight and keep it off.  She offers caring support and firm accountability. She helps set diet guidelines and an exercise regimen specifically designed for weight loss. She tracks and measures results.  She implements a nutritional cleansing program to accelerate weight loss and improve overall health. Lastly, she helps you plan for maintenance.


The Plan:

  1. Measure and Track
    • Schedule a complimentary phone consultation
    • Print and Complete:  3 Weekly Journals
    • Schedule follow up consultations on approximately day 7 and day 18 of program
  2. Eat Right
  3. Move More
  4. Cleanse
  5. Plan for Maintenance
    • Learn how to continue losing weight following the 21 day program
    • Learn how to maintain your perfect weight by doing a cleanse program 2 to 4 times per year


Think your thyroid or adrenal glands may be contributing to your weight loss struggles?  Complete our Self Thyroid Test and Adrenal Stress Test then Contact Us to learn how to maximize weight loss by correcting these problems.


Don't live in Las Vegas?  No problem!  A phone consultation with the doctor will determine if the 21 day program is right for you and all neccessary products can be shipped directly to your home. On your weekly journal, simply be sure to enter your

  1. Waist and hip measurements
  2. pH readings
  3. Sytolic (top number) blood pressure readings. See Adrenal Stress Test above for complete instructions.



To get started, Contact Us first through email, as the main phone number is for chiropractic services only. 

Dr. Cherniawski will then contact you directly to answer your questions and to complete the initial consultation.