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To help chiropractors meet their practice goals and individuals and companies meet their weight loss and health goals.

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Coverage Chiropractic

  • Need extra help in the office?boat
  • Want a shorter work week?
  • Need a vacation?
  • Have an injury or illness?
  • Having a baby?
  • Comtemplating retirement?






Dr. Cherniawski is board certified and licensed in Nevada and Michigan and is available for locum tenens work.  She

  • Processes new patients
  • Assures patient compliance
  • Oversees general office procedures
  • Helps maintain and grow your practice
  • Generates profits


chiro hand pic


Daily rates for short term coverage (2 weeks or less)

  • $200 for up to 4 hours
  • $400 for up to 10 hours (including lunch break)

Weekly rates for long term coverage (3 weeks or more) are negotiable



May 2013:  No availability

June 2013:  No availability

July 2013:  No availability

August 2013:  No availability

September 2013:  No availability

October 2013:  Available

November 2013:  Available

December 2013:  Available

2014:  Available