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Add Chiropractic to Your List of Pregnancy Health Providers

 There are some health practitioners who treat pregnancy as though it were an illness. As a result, they may emphasize the risks involved. There are others who realize that many women can blossom with health during a pregnancy if there is no interference from spinal misalignments or poor nutrition. Chiropractors are among those who realize that women can and should feel great while they are pregnant. These practitioners have the ability to look for the real reasons for all those uncomfortable “symptoms of pregnancy.”

In one case, a young woman in Florida had tried for some time to get pregnant. When she finally succeeded, she lost the baby early in the pregnancy after being sick and depressed for the entire eight weeks of the pregnancy.

A year later, she got pregnant again. But this time she saw her chiropractor for help. Her chiropractor not only adjusted her as her pregnancy progressed but also helped her balance out the missing hormones that were causing the depression and tiredness that were repeating in this pregnancy. The regular program of Chiropractic treatment helped her adjust to all the extra weight she was carrying. Instead of back pain and insomnia, the mother-to-be was able to sleep comfortably – just like a baby.

This time she didn’t lose the baby and welcomed a beautiful and healthy full-term girl.

Another mom-to-be in California suffered from back pain before she got pregnant and the pregnancy made it worse. She started a prenatal yoga class at the YMCA to see if stretching would help. Well, this was no ordinary yoga class. Rather, it was being run by a Chiropractor. The mom took the doctor’s advice and used Chiropractic to relieve the pain and get ready to deliver. Two weeks before she was ready to give birth, the mom-to-be said, “The pain is gone! The result of Chiropractic is faster than I expected which is really good because I have to take care of my two-and-a-half year old as well as get ready for my new baby.”

The logical conclusion that can be drawn from these experiences? Use Chiropractic throughout your pregnancy for the most comfort and the best result!

Source: Patient Testimonial from Dr. France Carpentier, Clearwater, Florida, 14 March 2010

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