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Chinese Medicine Can Help Reduce the Symtoms of Allergies

New research published in the journal Allergy determined that Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture ease the symptoms of hay fever and other seasonal allergies.

Fifty-two adults with moderate hay fever participated in the study. Half of the participants were treated with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, while the remaining participants were given a placebo.

The treatment group received weekly Acupuncture treatments and three doses of herbal formulas per day. The placebo group was given a non-specific Chinese herbal formula and needles were applied to non-Acupuncture sites.

Following six weeks of treatment, 85% of the treatment group reported an overall improvement, whereas only 40% of the placebo group showed improvement.

In addition, the treatment group reported that their allergies were having less of an impact on their daily activities, sleep and general health.

The treatment group was also 50% more likely to experience a remission of their allergies and was also able to decrease the number of allergy medications consumed during the course of
the study.

SOURCE: Allergy, September 2004; Yahoo News,, October 19, 2004; WebIndia123,, September 1, 2004.