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Antibiotic Crisis Dead Ahead

The news that bacteria have been developing resistance to common antibiotics is not a new subject – it’s been discussed in the media and medical journals for some years. What may be news to some people is that many of the major drug companies have actually abandoned antibiotic developmentand even closed their microbiology departments.

But wait – if bacteria are developing resistance to existing antibiotics, shouldn’t someone be developing new types of antibiotics?

Professor Carl Nathan explained why this is not being done.

In an article in Naturemagazine, he said, “antibiotics are the worst sort of pharmaceutical because they cure the disease.” In other words, most people use antibiotics for only a couple of weeks and then the infection is over.

Compare the profitability of antibiotics to drugs for high cholesterol or hypertension which people may take for decades.

Which is the bigger moneymaker? It becomes obvious why drug companies would turn their attention elsewhere.

S. James Matthews, associate profession of clinic pharmacy at Northeastern University in Boston told United Press International that of 506 drugs in the research and development pipeline, only FIVE are new antibiotics.

Brad Spelberg, an infectious diseases expert at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, stated that “unless things change soon, we are going to face a major health crisis.”

So is there a solution? As always, prevention beats needing a cure every time. Work with your natural healthcare practitioner to maintain excellent immunity. And if illness does come your way, consult this practitioner again for the best that natural healthcare offers to beat the bugs without antibiotics.

SOURCE:; United Press International release of Oct. 26, 2004, “HealthBiz: Antibiotics shortage next?”